The Imperial City, cemeteries lie in rice fields, and Buddhist monasteries line this historic city

DCIM106GOPROBean cake batter splatter

DCIM106GOPROPreparing for Vietnamese New Year

DCIM106GOPROThese cakes are made with beans, but taste so sweet!


DCIM106GOPROMarkets are one of my favorite places to visit in any country, so lively!

DCIM106GOPROWho doesn’t like fresh frog?! I know I do!

DCIM106GOPROAflac! Again, as fresh as it gets…

DCIM106GOPROWorking hard to finish up before Vietnamese New Year

DCIM106GOPROThis cemetery lies in the middle of the rice fields, completing the circle

DCIM106GOPROBeautiful structures. These are built for the person’s 2nd burial

DCIM106GOPRORemember the monk who famously burned himself alive? This was his monastery 

DCIM106GOPROA gorgeous house to eat home cooked lunch at!

DCIM106GOPROAnother shot of this house, the pond to ponder over a full belly

DCIM106GOPROThe Imperial City of Hue

DCIM106GOPROWithin the walls of the Purple Forbidden City, only for the Emperor  and his concubines

DCIM106GOPROThey are doing well in restoring the Imperial City, and bringing in authentic music from a different era


The Old Quarter, Uncle Ho, The first university in Vietnam, the buzzing of motorbikes…Hanoi is a charming city in the North of VietnamDCIM106GOPRO“Strawberries?! I got those for days, I’ll just bike over in like 5 minutes, there are no buses.”

DCIM106GOPROYep, thats number K9 on the menu…

DCIM106GOPROJust a couple of the many fruits you can find biking around the Old Quarter


DCIM106GOPRODedicated to thee kamikazes of the North. The loudspeaker is to make sure you don’t stand in front…oops

DCIM106GOPROCruisin’ down the street in my 6-4 (rickshaw)

DCIM106GOPROOld Quarter purchases

DCIM106GOPROHo Chi Minh Mausoleum

DCIM106GOPROHo Chi Minh’s Presidential Palace

DCIM106GOPROHo Chi Minh’s Presidential Palace pond

DCIM106GOPROHis preferred abode. Very humble

DCIM106GOPROThe Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university

DCIM106GOPROPast Mandarins to be and present students, rub these tortoise heads for good luck on exams

DCIM106GOPROWithin the Temple of Literature, a shrine dedicated to Confucius. 

Ha Long Bay

The Bay of Descending Dragons is absolutely breathtaking. 

DCIM107GOPROBreathtaking views everywhere you look

DCIM107GOPROThe water color was gorgeous, this was a cooler time to be there

DCIM107GOPROJust cruising! Best way to experience Ha Long Bay

DCIM107GOPROThese limestone karsts are amazing 

DCIM107GOPROTunnel to a water village

DCIM107GOPROOne of many water villages sprinkled throughout the bay… not technically legal. 

DCIM107GOPROFresh oysters on those rocks…I learned how to “survive like a local”


This was our junk ship, Syrena. I recommend this crew to everyone if you want to stay away from the mass touristsDCIM107GOPROThe most stunning place I saw in Vietnam


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