Luang Prabang

The Elephant Village Sanctuary is home to elephants and their Mahuts, giving them a new, safe home, away from abusive tourism practices that so many elephants endure in South East Asia.

DCIM107GOPROThere are nine elephants and mahouts here, each mahout has been the elephants trainer from both their childhoods

DCIM107GOPROHere we go cruising in the Nam Khan, the elephants would splash around and play once they got belly deep

DCIM107GOPROWay too much fun!!

DCIM107GOPROMaxi the baby elephant, he is roughly 2 years old now

DCIM107GOPROOh, hey there big guy. After noon, the mahouts take them to bath and cruise around the trails for fun

DCIM107GOPROMe and the famous Touly cruising through the Nam Khan, 10 second boat ride to the trails

DCIM107GOPROBeginning to hike to the Ban Huayfaiy village

DCIM107GOPROBeautiful village under the hot sun

DCIM107GOPROThere were many kids roaming around, all of them happy to flash their pearly whites 

DCIM107GOPROThis is their album cover

DCIM107GOPROAnd this is their manager

DCIM107GOPROEveryone in the village was making brooms, here are a bunch drying in the hot sun

DCIM107GOPROShe was no more than five, but working her butt off to make brooms for the family to sell

DCIM107GOPROComing back from school

DCIM107GOPROThese guys wanted candy, I had none, they laughed at me 


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