Angkor Wat

The most famous Wat in Siem Reap is stunning, but crowded. Learn the way of the mass tourist and do it in reverse.

DCIM107GOPROSunrise over Angkor Wat

DCIM107GOPROLong tailed macaques hanging around the back entrance

DCIM107GOPROIf you notice…No tourists on this side!

DCIM107GOPROThe East side entrance

DCIM107GOPROAn old library in the distance at Angkor Wat

DCIM107GOPRONot a bad view for a place with thousands of tourists..

DCIM107GOPROThe most impressive feature of Angkor Wat – Preserved carvings




Preah Kan – Sacred Sword Temple Complex

One of the more stunning temples, enter through the forest in the back


DCIM107GOPROYou have to wonder when these cave in, look at that!




Siem_Reap_Cambodia_AngkorThe way the roots fuse with the stone is fascinating


DCIM107GOPROAgain, it has become one structure. Incredible.

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