The Battle of Man vs Mosquito

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.34.51 AM

Forgive me, I’m a little delirious. My body count is somewhere around 40 or 50 now. My ears are ringing, no, buzzing, to the tune of those high pitched table saws hovering around my face. I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours. They wouldnt’ let me.

Its just that time of year again. They come too often in these humid, tropical environments. Skeeter killin’ season hits you first every time, but in my room? I hit last. The skeeters in Borneo know, and now they’re learning in Taipei.

It started two nights ago. I had maybe two solid hours of sleep, but in between nightmares of dentists drilling into my gums and buzz saws next to my ear, I was standing on my bed swatting mosquitos out of mid air. It didn’t feel so at the time, but I had it easy. No obligations the next day made sure I could catch up on time lost sleeping in the afternoon.

But last night. Last night was brutal.

They kept me up until 5 am, and at exactly 5:02 in the morning I killed eight of them. EIGHT, in the span of one minute. I’m not sure if there has been some sort of infiltration and they laid a nest in my room, or what, but they are coming in a dozen at a time.

I try to sleep, covered in my blanket with a hoodie on over my head. Hands tucked into the sleeves, trying not to leave anything exposed but of course, they find a way. I wait til they’re close, and buzzing in my ear until I turn on the light to expose three or four at a time, I swat them out of the air, sometimes snatch them mid flight, and crush them on the ground. Sadly, I was up all night doing this, for they just kept coming and coming and coming…

As I type this I see one, slyly peering at me from the ceiling. If I had the energy I’d get up there and Hulk smash him, but he’s going to live until he comes a little further down, closer to home.


I managed to see the sun rise, and realize my day is shot. My students will see before them a coffee fueled zombie who looks like he caught the chicken pox.

I can’t let this happen again. Its time to bring in the reinforcements.

20150505_022523 20150505_022559

Even if I’m bound for a future of cancer from this mosquito killing poison, I can at least get my sleep in the present.


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Man vs Mosquito

  1. Hey Ryan! I hate mosquitos. I hate ONE mosquito, let alone dozens! I don’t know if this will work when you have so many but try buying a fan, desktop or a standing one and put it on your bedside table or somewhere near pillow height and turn it so that it blows across your bed across your face. It might keep the mosquitos away from your face but you’ll have to put up with some wind. Otherwise, you’ll just have to lather yourself in DEET. Maybe with as many as you have, you’ll have to do both. Hope something helps!! Love, Barb L.

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    • Hey Barb! I don’t want to sleep with any repellent on me. Smell up my bed! I bought a fan and it has been doing the trick. They cant land on me if there is too much wind!


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