The Love of Green

Before having a favorite color was a conscious decision, green made me feel right. Not just for the pure aesthetic beauty and diversity of the color green, but for what it represents.

Green equals fresh. Not even fresh, green equals refreshed. The shadowed forest green gives way to the young fluorescent. Life renewed.

Growing up surrounded by green and its diversity, from the literal — the rolling green hills leading to the fresh pine covered forests — to the ideals — The “Green” movement embedded in Northern California, you would think I might be unmoved by the sight of it. But my love for green seems less like a choice, and more of a necessity, every day.

Lately I have been less and less in nature, and more in the city due to exciting new ventures, but I have missed the outdoors. Without it life can feel stagnant.

I had the opportunity to go camping with Sticky Rice Travel and clients on the base of Mount Kinabalu this last weekend. Not up on the peak, but down below, in a secret location tucked away in the wet jungle. Frigid waterfalls flow from the top down, leaving us with natural swimming holes and bath tubs to enjoy after days of slipping, sliding, trekking and climbing. This substation lacks mammals to spot, but the reptiles and amphibians thrive in the moist environment. As well as the birds. The ample beautifully colored birds flying overhead and chirping throughout the day will turn anyone into an aspiring amateur birder.

The spectacular feeling stemming from being surrounded by nothing but greens is what I needed. The feeling of being wild again,  enlivened by swimming in waterfalls, crawling through damp rainforest and sleeping under the stars is vital.


Laying here, in my forest green hammock, wrapped in my pine colored fleece, after a full day of romping through the refreshed rainforest, is validation of my need for green. Life needs to be refreshed often. Life needs the diversity green provides. Life is too stale without some green in it.



2 thoughts on “The Love of Green

  1. I was raised in Missouri, and there is a lot of green in Missouri. It’s in my bones. It’s always refreshing to come back that deep, thick green after a long time in the mountains or desert.

    Those are some lush photos!


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