Danum Valley Experience!

Proper shower, check. A clean shave, check. Curry Laksa for lunch?? Definitely checked that. Alright, I’m officially out of the jungle.

Three weeks in Danum Valley is something most might get a little tiresome of. Hiking at least 10k a day under the hot and humid rainforest canopy can be exhausting. But I love it, and I love meeting the different people, some good, some French. (Just joking, had to get back at the Frenchman who said “Nobody’s perfect” in response to me being American — I feel better now.) 

I’m not even sure what I wanted to write about, because it’s so hard to capture the beauty of the rainforest here. I would hike the same trails every other day, and you wouldn’t know it because of the ever changing landscape that comes with the midnights downpour. The animals come out when the rain subsides, but without the rain they stay in and hide. (Boom) 

Unfortunately my quest to spot the Pygmy Elephants, and the Clouded Leopard are still in progress. Although I came dangerously close to the elephants on a night hike, not where you want to see them…

I had a few encounters with an aggressive, super burly Pig Tailed Macaque, who thought I wanted his monkey women. I had only been there for two weeks, definitely not on the radar yet. But this guy wouldn’t let me by him and his troop. One morning we had the ultimate stand off. 6:30am – I’m trying to walk to breakfast when all of the sudden this beast jumps out from the bushes about 20 ft in front of me. Raising his eyebrows and showing his teeth, I wasn’t impressed, so I march forward. Unfortunately he marched forward way faster than I, so I pick up a rock and chucked it by his head. He backs off maybe 10 feet. I take a few more steps towards him. He’s not having this, so he runs and leaps towards me! Still enough distance between us, I throw another rock. And another. I’m fucking hungry. He is too though. Hungry for my Orang Puti blood. He takes one final run and leap at me, and I decide…He is way more hungry than I am. So I go back, read my book, and wait. He wins. It’s OK though, I didn’t cry or anything… 


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